Linear Regression (Machine Learning)

Regression allows us to mathematically model relation between two or more variables using equations. Simple linear regression, we predict scores on one variable from the scores on other variable. The variable we are predicting is called the dependent variable. The variable we are basing our predictions on is called the independent variable. When there is only independent variable, the prediction method is called simple linear regression. In case of multiple independent variables the prediction method is Multiple linear regression.

For this prediction we use Python programming language. Python has rich ML libraries

Linear Regression Using Python

Problem Statment:

In thermal power plant 4 turbines used to generate electricity. To check performance multiple sensors were placed all around the turbine. On an average we have 70 Sensors for each turbine unit. And each Sensor Tag generates value every second. So, every second 4 Units generate huge amount of data to check performance of turbine.This data is recorded in logs and give as CSV file every 15 minutes to batch process the data.

Transform all tag values of each unit at particular second in a single row and we need to consider the value of the tag if…

Naveen Kumar Mukkapati

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